About Us

I Ear You Jewelry was created by two African American Women who have a passion for making sure a women’s outfit is complete with her accessories especially her earrings. Meet Shadina Blunt and Kimberly Gibson two Mothers and Friends.

Shadina is a Long Island New York native who now resides in Powder Springs GA. She was always told by her grandmother don’t ever leave the house without some earrings in your ears, good purse and shoes. Shadina Grandmother had hundreds of earrings and would change them daily depending on what outfit she had on.

Shadina Motto says you can never have too many pairs of earrings. Earrings say a lot about a woman as she walks in the room. How confident she is, how fun she is and maybe how adventurous she is. While Shadina Loves her earrings she also loves to be cost-effective for her family.

A great pair of earrings can take your look to a whole new level. Shadina definitely stands by her grandmothers wisdom and adds a new pair of I Ear You Jewelry to her wardrobe as much as she can and she is excited to share this great brand with the world as well. 

Kimberly is a Florida native who now resides in Atlanta Georgia. She was a late bloomer to fashion so her sense of style did not start until high school, when she began to notice her older sister’s unique style. She noticed her sister simply getting dressed and applying her beautiful jewelry pieces, she watched in admiration on how exceptionally well her sister looked, Kim  wanted to get that exact look.

She begin to study her sister style and then developed her very own passion for fashion. Once Kim realized a cute pair of earrings, was the prefect complement to any ensemble her world as a fashionista took off.

Although she stands by fashion, she also stands by being cost-effective and believes that I Ear You Jewelry offers both cute but budget-friendly pieces. Kim is a firm believer that no outfit is complete without cute accessories and hopes you enjoy the pieces that I Ear You Jewelry has to offer!